Synergy Direct Solution new campaign welcome kit


web-designThe first step to increasing the chances of gaining new clients through the web is a thorough understanding of how your potential clients research your business and services. The glory days of the phone book are long gone and the internet has created a new breed of savvy and educated consumers. These people want info the second they need it, and this is why your site needs to be an accurate reflection of your business.

During the building process you need to think about what type of client you are trying to attract, and how to bring attention to the services they will most likely be interested in.  Remember you know your business better than anyone, and Synergy Direct Solution is here to ensure your company vision is properly captured in your new website.  Below is a list of items our most successful clients focused on while building their new site.


web-contentYour services should be explained in detail, and your content should answer the majority of your potential client’s questions. Important business info needs to be easy to find, and the site needs to provide the potential client with multiple ways to contact you. A website should “evolve” with the business and one of the best ways to increase conversions is by keeping your website up-to-date. A business site that is current and updated frequently is a great way to show potential and current clients that you care about them and your business. You are the expert in your industry and a resourceful site is one of the most effective ways to establish your credibility.


web-photosIf a picture says a thousand words, imagine what a gallery full of photos can say! Unique photos of your business is the best way to add life to your website, show clients what you can do, and create a welcoming feeling when they first land on your site. Although default/stock photos can be helpful when starting a brand new site, it is always best to replace these photos with your own photos. High quality photos are ideal, and can be emailed directly from your smartphones to support. Adding photos to your website is one of the easiest and most effective ways to create a positive online experience for both you and your potential clients. If you have questions on uploading photos, please submit a ticket or give Synergy Direct Solution a call today!


questionsIt can be expected that many of your potential clients will have similar questions about your business and the services you offer, so doesn’t it make sense to answer those same questions one time?  Well that’s exactly what the FAQ section of your site is designed to do.  All you need to do is sit down and think about some of the common questions you’ve heard, and provide us a with an answer to each.  We will add these questions to a dedicated page on your site, and organize them in an easy to navigate and visually appealing format.  Doing this simple step will save both you and your potential client’s time, and add a new level of credibility and resourcefulness to your website.


service-areaHow far are you willing to travel to go to your clients? Are there specific zip codes you would like to target?  Are there certain areas you refuse to travel to? All of these questions can be answered in a service area page on your website.  Synergy Direct Solution will create a custom map of your service area, and list all the towns and cities you tell us to!  All you need to do is send us a list of the towns, cities, zip codes, and mile radius, and we take care of the rest.  You can submit this information in a ticket, or call in and speak to our customer service department.


google-maps-logoDo your clients come to you?  Would you like to make it easier for them to find your business?  Do want to give your client the option to easily get directions to your address?  Then all you need to do is submit your business address to our design team  at Synergy Direct Solution and we will embed a Google Map into your “Our Location” page on your site.  This will give your client the option to see a street map of your area, as well as the option to get directions from any address they enter.  This will make it much easier for your clients to find your business, and best of all it saves you the time it would take for them to call and ask for directions.  If there are specific notes about your location, please let us know and we will be sure to include this on the page.


why-usWhat makes you different or better than your competition? Are you certified? Have you won awards? Been in business longer than most? Whatever it is that separates you from the competition should be displayed in the “Why Us?” page! Although it can seem unnatural to brag about why you are better than the rest, you need to sell your potential clients on choosing you over your competition, and a “Why Us?” page is a great way to do just that. More often than not a potential client is still in the research phase of choosing a company when they land on your site, and it is important to leave a lasting impression, If you need assistance on creating an effective ”Why Us?” page, send us a ticket or call our customer service team at Synergy Direct Solution today.


contact-formsOne of the most important elements of an effective website is making it easy for your potential clients to contact you. Some people prefer contact over the phone or face-to-face conversations, however an increasing amount of people are transitioning over to emails and other forms of “convenient” communication. Each of our websites come with a contact form that can be customized to reflect the exact services you offer, as well as any other important information you may need from a potential client. These forms are designed to make communication quick and easy, and we are here to help you make the most of this feature. All we need from you is a complete list of the services you want to be visible on your contact form and any other questions or info you need from a potential customer. Once Synergy Direct Solution has that info we will build an easy to use, custom to your business lead generator. The best part is that this same form works flawlessly with your mobile site!


social-mediaSocial Media is one of the most cost effective ways to increase traffic to your company’s website, which is key in building the solid online presence you desire. As more and more businesses offering similar products and services enter your online advertising space, it can be difficult to stand out to potential clients. Consumers are doing more research than ever, and who better to trust than the actual people using the product or service?

Large online Social Media sites and directories like Google +, Facebook, Yelp, Manta, Merchant Circle, and many more, provide consumers the opportunity to give positive and negative feed back on a company’s products and services. All of the large directories provide their users with cell phone apps as well, so they can literally search and review at any time. Most of these directories have automatically created a directory for your business, and there is a good chance hundreds to thousands of consumers have already seen your profile. Don’t let any more potential clients slip by profiles with out seeing what you are really all about.